I am completely unable to deal with the death of an animal but I also want to adopt 100 puppies is there anyway around this

1 week ago

my lil baby

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More pups

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Humans are the only animals that are mean to each other except reindeer apparently

3 months ago

Leopard and newborn baby baboon

Leopard kills mother of newborn baboon and then goes on the cuddle the baby and keep it from danger.

4 months ago

Sleepy baby ❤️🐱

4 months ago


I am sobbing

5 months ago

The only thing I like about cold weather is seeing dogs in little sweaters and booties

5 months ago


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Love my job

6 months ago

This lil girl

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Oliver 💙💜💚

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when I hear my boyfriend coming back to the room with our food

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when you and a friend are laughing about something and then try to act normal

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